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Everything you need to know about Arbistar

What is Arbistar?

Arbistar is a decentralized application for creating NFT collections on Arbitrum. It provides NFT creators with their own launch page, which users can use to mint NFTs.

Can I upload anything?

We have only a few rules regarding the types of NFTs allowed on our platform. In cases which break our rules we reserve the right to blacklist your collection from the platform, meaning your collection page cannot be featured or even seen on the platform. However, we cannot remove content from IPFS or the Blockchain, you are responsible for the content you upload, and do not forget the blockchain transparently retains all of its history.

Content that will be blacklisted

  • Pornographic or violent images.
  • Copyrighted content, including NFT derivatives which you do not have the license to use.
  • What's the cost?

    To create a collection using Arbistar you only need to pay a very small fee to deploy the smart contracts on Arbitrum, and a 0.002 $ETH fee to prevent spam creators.

    Arbistar takes a 2% cut of every NFT mint made from collections deployed via our platform.

    Can Arbistar generate my NFTs for me?

    Not currently. We plan to expand the feature set of Arbistar, but at present Arbistar runs almost entirely on-chain, therefore we have no capabilities of rendering your NFT images for you.

    Is this a marketplace?

    No. However, the NFTs created via Arbistar are standard ERC721 Non-Fungible Tokens, therefore will be supported by effectively all NFT Marketplaces on Arbitrum.

    How Do I Upload NFTs to IPFS?

    Check out NFT Storage, it allows you to easily upload your NFT images and metadata to IPFS, you then simply only need to provide the CID to the NFT metadata when creating a collection on Arbistar.

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